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This is a five page form that allows you, a teacher to post your gift list of requested supplies. 

Before you begin, you should be sure your school is enrolled, and you should agree to the Code of Conduct listed below.

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Code of Conduct

This is the Code of Conduct for TrueGift Donations. As a teacher or principal using this site and service, you agree to the following:

  1. You agree to provide correct and accurate information, including your correct email and phone numbers. We will respect your privacy. If we cannot contact you after several attempts, we will delete your gift list.
  2. You will ask for supplies only for use in the classroom. You will not resell or return these supplies.
  3. You will use these supplies for the classroom requesting them instead of for a school or district wide pool of supplies.
  4. You will contact us if you think your supplies are being diverted, sold, or returned.
  5. You will make an attempt to let us know when you receive supplies.

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