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This form is used to enable teachers at a school to receive donations.  Teachers at the school request donations individually, and can select this school from the list of enrolled schools after this form has been filled out.  Please enter all information.

Your school eligible for TrueGift Donations if:

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Please select 'Religious School' if religion is part of your curriculum.
Public School; public administration and funding.
Charter, Experimental, , or Magnet School; public funding, alternate administration.
Private School; nonpublic funding, alternate administration.
Religious School; some religious curriculum
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Reason Contributions To This School Are Tax-Deductible:
(If contributions are not tax-deductible, your school may not enroll with TrueGift Donations)
Publically administered school or part of public school district.
Non-profit, 501(c)(3) registered charity.
Approximate School Size:
Micro, under 50 students.
Small to Medium,  under about 1,200 students
Large, over about 1,200 students
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